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Social Media, Mobile Technologies, Cloud, Data are reshaping our reality and disrupting the way we live, work and live. Digital technologies and e-government solutions play a key role in reshaping the way people and governments talk to each other. Our role is to mind set-change, educate and promote the Digital Governments which enable the public sector to respond, adapt and benefit faster and with fewer resources.

EU policies

The EU objectives in the Republic of Moldova are to strengthen the democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights, as well as promoting economic reform and improving living conditions. We assist the communication of the EU policies in the Republic of Moldova while promoting the European values to the Moldovan public.


Our expertise in communicating education is extensive. We provide consulting for promoting new concepts and generating behavior chance at the level of the public especially in the field of child's rights and preventive health care.

Health care

We have the expertise to elaborate strategies and develop public awareness campaigns to promote public health reforms, encourage prevention and communicate healthy lifestyle based on research and social marketing techniques.

Consumer Goods

We elaborate and implement communication strategies able to generate positive media coverage, engage and build relations with customers, prevent crisis and manage reputation.

Food and Beverage

As this is a very competitive industry, we have the know-how to build messages and find the right instruments to generate results which translate into growth for our clients, while scanning the business environment for opportunities and threats.

Financial Services

We work for companies operating in the financial and banking industry to support them establish a deeper, effective and smooth communication with their publics including media, stakeholders, public at large.


Telecommunications are changing the way we live today – we communicate 24/7, real time. We understand the needs of our clients in maintaining fresh updated and relevant content for solid consumers' engagement.


We help clients in heavy industries to create value and relevant communication with their publics, achieve media exposure, consolidate credibility at the level of the stakeholders through strategic PR.


We have a very good understanding of the communication needs of the nonprofit organization in their relation with the media and their stakeholders. Professional organizations and especially, the business organizations need to have a solid brand, credibility and transparency of their activity in order to function effectively for their members.

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